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I am guessing you may have arrived here wondering if you will find a traditional and stereotypical hypnobirthing course? Well, I am pleased to tell you that this is not the place to find it.

Exciting, different and empowering it is however.

Mama Knows Best uses The Wise Hippo programmes in a manner that is down-to-earth, practical, relaxed yet professional.  The hypnobirthing skills I teach will give you the confidence to  experience your birth journey from pregnancy through to parenthood.



Following my passion to support the fertility, pregnancy and birth journey of individuals and couples, I have now trained in The Freedom Fertility Formula with the founder, Dany Griffiths. It’s a wonderful fresh approach, nurturing the clients emotional and mental health during their fertility journey.

As a fertility coach I will guide you towards finding and owning your own goals and offer life skills and tools to aid your ability to cope with those strong thoughts and feelings that can feel over powering and restrictive. Please come and join me on my Facebook page,  The Lancashire Fertility Coach


I live in a great location and able to cover a wide area across Lancashire and Greater Manchester including; Accrington, Blackburn, Bolton, Bury, Chorley, Garstang, Lancaster, Preston and Rossendale.



2 mums describe their life changing Wise Hippo births.

Knowing how powerful the skills and techniques are, they have become instructors themselves to ensure other mums, dads and birth partners can experience the same.


Birthing beautiful big babies.

This mum used the Wise Hippo techniques to safely deliver her 12lb 4oz baby into the world.


A Litte

Stacey Painter


I live in Lancashire with my lovely hubby and 2 gorgeous daughters. I enjoy running, yoga and being as social as I can  –  although I must admit, since having my youngest finding the time to do all of this is proving to be tricky!

I arrived at Mama Knows Best after  following my own fertility, pregnancy and birth journeys. We had practiced and rehearsed hypnobirthing techniques, for both births – thankfully! With my first daughter,  I remember the midwife saying, “that was a text book birth”…but rewind 8 hours earlier and it could have been a very different story. We batted those curved balls straight out of the delivery suite, all thanks to everything we had learned.

My second pregnancy and birth was more complex on different levels, and upon reflection the one that utilised the hypnobirthing techniques the most. We had many decisions to make along the way, and when complications arose and an induction led to an emergency caesarean, well, I can not begin to tell you how the hypnobirthing was worth it’s weight in gold.

“Induction and caesarean?! How does that work with hypnobirthing?”, you may wonder. This is why I love the Wise Hippo programme – giving you the mighty tools to manage birth however it may occur.

Both births sparked my desire to get the word out there and give others the same empowering experiences that we had.  Birth evokes powerful emotions that remain forever with you, sometimes as strong as the day you gave birth. I want you to experience what I and so many Wise Hippo mamas have had.


My Qualifications


I hold an MA in Social Work and have specialised in child and family mental health since 2009. This ignited my passion and specialism  in early life development and Attachment theory. I was privileged to access and engage in a variety of psychological, mental health and child development training and learning opportunities. I qualified as a Wise Hippo instructor in 2017 as I believed passionately in it’s content and contribution to positive early life experiences and the support it provides towards the  mother’s mental wellbeing. I am currently undertaking a Level 3 Diploma in Reflexology and in October 2018, I started my training as a Freedom Fertility Formula Coach.

I Can

Wise hippo

  • Relax, Breathe and Birth
  • Birthing Programme Intro
  • Birthing Programme
  • Prenatal Parenting Programme

mama knows best

  • relaxation sessions
  • Attachment workshops


The packages of support I offer my clients:

  • Wise Hippo Programmes with ongoing support
  • Pregnancy relaxation classes
  • Attachment based work-shops
  • Social groups  in person and via privileged access to closed social media groups.


It is an exciting time for the Wise Hippo, so please keep yourself updated and watch this space!


Mamma knows how to relax – ** currently on hold during my maternity leave (until early 2019) **

The relaxation classes are based upon a rolling programme. Mums are welcome to attend from any stage of pregnancy, just be mindful of positions you may chose to lie or sit in.

The session will start with a general discussion and information sharing on a topic of interest; hospital preparation, postnatal mental wellbeing, early baby developmental stages, attachment relationships…and anything else that mums may find helpful.

Then, using relaxation scripts and elements of mindfulness, mums are encouraged to get as comfortable as they can and  allow themselves  to wind down and relax while bonding with baby. While mum produces happy hormones, baby will be soaking them up too.

Afterwards, we will of course have tea and cake…or fruit and water, which ever works for the mums!

  • Please get in touch to find out where your nearest sessions are running.


Birthing Programme

Session 1

  • Explaining the relevance of the Hippopotamus
  • The Picture of Childbirth today
  • The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme materials
  • Defining Hypnosis
  • Acknowledging Pain
  • The Physiology of Birth and the Impact of Fear
  • Mind / Body connection
  • The Impact of Others
  • Taking charge of your thoughts



  • Relaxation – the antidote to discomfort
  • What is Relaxation?
  • Positions for Relaxation
  • Remember to Breathe
  • Self-Hypnosis
  • Eyes Open Hypnosis
  • Time Distortion
  • Anchoring
  • Birth Partners Script
  • Establishing a practice routine



  • Prenatal bonding
  • Choosing where to have your baby
  • Choosing who will be with you when you have your baby
  • Alternative options for promoting comfort
  • Medical intervention
  • Natural nudges of encouragement for your baby
  • Interventions explained
  • Benefits of a natural birth
  • Writing your birth plan and making your birth choices
  • Physical preparations for birth
  • The mirror mantra
  • Fear release session



  • Soothing strokes and the power of positive touch
  • Positions for birth
  • Ligaments and pelvis
  • Humming your baby down – birthing your baby
  • Birth partner’s role
  • Using the techniques during labour
  • When baby arrives
  • Sea of Serenity – Birth Hypnosis session
  • Your practice and preparation diary


Much Does
It Cost?




Relax, Breathe and Birth. £25

(deductible when purchasing the full Birthing Programme)

Birthing Programme Intro. FREE
(when events are advertised)

Birthing Programme  £180

(includes ongoing support and post-birth session, if desired)

Prenatal Parenting Programme  £37





(In the comfort of your own home, times as flexible as possible.*)

Relax, Breathe and Birth. £33
(Deductible when purchasing the full Birthing Programme)

Birthing Programme  £220 (£240 if live further than 10 miles from BL7)

(includes ongoing support and post-birth session, if desired)

Prenatal Parenting Programme  £48



“Stacey was fantastic-I learned lots of practical techniques doing the Wise Hippo course which helped me feel calm & better prepared for the birth of my second baby. My husband and I were both quite sceptical about this approach at first and Stacey was very patient, approachable & willing to answer any questions. I ended up having a good birth experience and it also helped me cope at the end of my pregnancy when my baby was nearly 2 weeks late! She has also been v supportive since his arrival. Thank you so much Stacey! Definitely recommend her to everyone.”

DF, Bury.



“Fantastic hypnobirthing teacher. I felt calm, relaxed and prepared for birth. It also brought me & my husband together as a team as we practiced together before birth and I felt supported during labour which made him feel empowered during the whole process. Before the sessions I was anxious, nervous and pretty scared i would freak out during labour. Stacey taught me, my husband & my mum the techniques & I can’t thank her enough. My birth was calm, relatively quick, progressed well, I stayed in control & despite the fact I ended up having a c-section, it didn’t freak me out or phase me. I went with the flow and felt in control and I look back on it as a really positive experience. Thank you”

KW, Lancaster.


“Hi Stacey, I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the Relax, Breathe & Birth session on the 6th Feb. It was the perfect session to get my head back in to all things hypnobirth! After doing the Wise Hippo course with my first pregnancy it was so great to have a refresher and get me ready for my second labour. I had a csection first time and you were really great at putting everyone at ease and helping me to re-focus on this labour and elevate some of the worries I’d been having. Great session, highly recommend and I hope to do some more sessions with you soon. Thank you..”

GB, Salford.

You can contact me below, fill in the request form or please click one of my social pages. I look forward to hearing from you.
07766 513624



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