What’s in your tummy, mummy?





I have been waiting excitedly to read this blog from the very lovely, talented and resourceful April Prendergast, creator and owner of “Prenderland Books”  This guest blog is fantastic, pointing you in the right direction for useful books to use with siblings before the arrival of a new baby brother or sister. 

What’s in your tummy, mummy?

Finding out that you are having another baby is such an exciting time. So many things to look forward to; that amazing new baby smell, those wonderful newborn cuddles and their teeny weeny feet, to mention but a few.

It can also be quite a daunting time, with lots of unanswered questions buzzing around your head. How will we manage with another little one? Will we remember what to do with a newborn? When will we sleep again? How will we cope at bathtime? What if they don’t like being put down? Will they wake their sibling in the night? Will their big brother/sister enjoy having them around?

The truth is, there is no way of knowing the answer to any of these questions, so it’s best to try not to worry and go with the flow once the baby arrives!

One thing that you may be keen to do before the baby arrives though is to try to prepare their big brother or sister for the new arrival. A new baby is going to be a huge change for them too and can be confusing and challenging. The more you can talk about it with them, the more involved they will feel and this will hopefully make things easier for you too.
Here are some books that are great for helping prepare a child, aged between approximately 12 months and five years, for the arrival of a sibling.

There’s a house inside my Mummy by Giles Andreae
This is a lovely story written from the perspective of a child, who thinks there is a house inside his mummy’s tummy where the new baby lives. It is written in rhyming verse and is beautifully illustrated.


I’m a new big sister/I’m a new big brother by Amanda Li
These are two bright and engaging books which help children understand what happens when a new baby joins the family and how lovely it is to be a big sister/big brother. Pressing the sound button to hear the new baby giggle is also a great way to encourage young children to interact with the idea of there being a new baby around.



Miffy and the new baby by Dick Bruna
All of the Miffy books are wonderfully written and beautifully illustrated and this one is no exception. Miffy finds out she is going to have a new baby brother or sister so she decides to make a few presents that she can give to the baby.


What’s in your tummy, mummy? By Sam Lloyd
This is a fantastic lift-the-flap book with lots of humour and colour. This was definitely our little girl’s favourite “new baby” book, she absolutely loved it.


Waiting for baby, My new baby & You and me by Rachel Fuller
These three board books deal with the anticipation of waiting for the new baby, the excitement of the arrival of the baby and the special relationship that then starts to develop between siblings. The simple conversational text and wonderful illustrations have been carefully designed to encourage further dialogue with your little one.


We hope you find these book recommendations helpful and if there are others that you come across, we’d love you to share them with us.

Perhaps once you feel confident that your little one understands that they are going to become a big brother or sister and what life might be like once the baby arrives, you can start to think about your answers to………..
“Mummy, how does the baby get out of your tummy” or even “How did the baby get into your tummy”
I leave those with you!

If you found this blog useful, please do check out the Prenderland Books website, Facebook page and Twitter account too. So much useful information and beautiful items to purchase to support the creativity, imagination and learning of children.