Self care – it’s not all about you, you know.

“Self care” is all over the Facebook groups, Instagram posts and articles that I follow and read. As someone who totally values the need to look after ones own mental health and emotional wellbeing, I get it. I know its value and I know you and I are worth it. It should be as acceptable […]

Almost divorced by my 3 year old: the arrival of a new sibling.

When you already have a child, you may analyse the best time to try for a sibling. Everyone has their own ideas for what will suit their dynamics. We became pregnant when our eldest was 2.5 years old. She is a bright little thing, “doesn’t miss a trick” as they say. We thought she’d be […]

How breastfeeding went tits up.

Breast feeding…what emotions or words spring to mind? Love, care, nurturing? Pain, discomfort, dislike? Regret, guilt, inadequate? I thankyou, Mia Scotland, for naming  something so significant in the video post I saw this evening on Facebook – “breastfeeding trauma”. I really struggled with my first born child to breast feed and it came as a […]

Emotional Anchors for pregnancy and birth; these won’t weigh you down.

When used consciously, “anchors” can be really powerful and beneficial tools where we purposefully channel positive thoughts, memories or emotions into sensory stimuli. We can revisit this stimuli at a later date and it will reignite those positive thoughts we have attached. The main focus of this blog is regarding their use during pregnancy and […]

What’s in your tummy, mummy?

        I have been waiting excitedly to read this blog from the very lovely, talented and resourceful April Prendergast, creator and owner of “Prenderland Books”  This guest blog is fantastic, pointing you in the right direction for useful books to use with siblings before the arrival of a new baby brother or […]

Supporting the Anxious mum brain – Part 2

Relaxing the anxious brain. My last blog set the scene regarding your brain and what is occurring at times of stress and anxiety. Understanding the impact that the anxious brain has on your body is really helpful; strategies that use both the body and mind will help give you a break from those anxious thoughts […]

The Anxious Mum Brain – a (simplified!) tale of two halves.

I am the type of person who, since becoming a mum will throw myself and my little one into whatever group or activity is going on that day. We are social butterflies, and we love being so. Unfortunately, mum-life is not this simple for many. Anxiety gets in the way. The more I speak to […]

Mama Knew Best in the end: Stepping into the unknown to chase a new career.

If you would have told me 12 months ago that today I’d be sat on a laptop at home, Alabama Shakes on in the background, writing a blog while answering emails and enquiries for my own business, I’d have thought…”oh, so I finally set up that cleaning company!”. Erm, not quite the case, although friends […]